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2021-12-07: I saw the end of the rainbow!


2021-11-25: Gosh what a cliffhanger in Shetland tonight. I didn’t see that coming!! but guessed the reason for …





2021-11-21: A reminder of a beautiful autumn. Of things seen and things done.







2021-11-05: Whilst waiting..

2021-11-03: The batteries on my ear buds are starting to fail so I am pondering options. A) get replacements B) …

2021-11-03: is desperately hunting around trying to find another challenge to quiet my flailing mind..

2021-11-02: Feeling a bit aimless, so I thought I would remind myself of one of my fav doodles


2021-10-31: #inktober2021 Day 31: Risk And so endeth the lesson..

2021-10-30: #inktober Day 30: Slither

2021-10-30: Just because..

2021-10-29: #inktober2021 Day 29: Patch

2021-10-27: #inktober2021 Day 27: Spark

2021-10-26: #inktober Day 26: Connect

2021-10-25: #inktober2021 Day 25: Splat

2021-10-24: #inktober2021 Day 24: Extinct

2021-10-23: #inktober Day 23: Leak

2021-10-22: #inktober2021 Day 22: Open

2021-10-21: #inktober Day 21: Fuzzy

2021-10-21: Hadn’t realised I didn’t up load.. #inktober Day 20: Sprout

2021-10-19: #inktober2021 Day 19: Loop

2021-10-18: #inktober2021 Day 18: Moon

2021-10-17: #inktober Day 17 : Collision

2021-10-16: #inktobrr2021 Day 16: Compass

2021-10-15: #inktober2021 Day 15: Helmet

2021-10-14: #inktober2021 Day 14: Tick

2021-10-12: #inktober2021 Day 12: Stuck

2021-10-11: #inktober2021 Day 11: Sour

2021-10-10: #inktober2021 Day 10: Pick

2021-10-09: All caught up.. #inktober2021

2021-10-09: Catching up…#inktober2021 Day 8: Watch

2021-10-08: Bit late, but.. #inktober2021 #inktober2021day7 Day 7: Fan

2021-10-06: #inktober2021 #inktober2021day6 Day 6: Spirit

2021-10-05: #inktober2021 Day 5: Raven

2021-10-04: #inktober2021 Day 4: Knot

2021-10-03: Day 3: Vessel #inktober2021

2021-10-02: Day 2: Suit #inktober2021

2021-10-02: My first #inktober, a day late uploading due to travel and seeing old friends..

2021-10-02: Finally, I’ve managed to pay for m.b with Apple Pay. I’ve no idea why it’s started working but I …

2021-09-29: Oooh look Inktober just around the corner and I have a theme, unlike last year..

2021-09-16: It’s a bit behind posting but doodling was done. Catch-up later.








2021-04-26: 🎂

2021-04-24: Is it ok to have ice cream with coffee and walnut cake, asking for a friend 😀

2021-04-18: Another day out on the moors. This was a 15m walk with a bit of a sting in the tail. But another …

2021-04-15: Today saw a proper back breaking day back at the canal. But it was a beautiful sunny warm day, which …

2021-04-14: Yumalicious! 🍞🎂 My second attempt ever at making a cake and I give myself a 6.5/10 as some basic errors, but overall …

2021-04-12: Contemplating forcing myself to do a drawing challenge to help with concentration, motivation and …

2021-04-10: My first proper walk of 2021.

2021-04-03: Yay.. Young Montalbano back on the beeb.


2021-04-03: There’s something pleasing about a mornings graft. I’m not a gardener but I enjoy the building …


2021-04-02: I was rummaging through the box of things to sort that I hadn’t touched since moving here 3 years …


2021-03-31: I can’t believe they say it’s going to be down below zero and snowing again next week!!

2021-03-30: Sad that there’re mothballing BBC4 the best channel on the Beeb. So many good things came from it..




2021-03-29: T-17h


2019-08-20: The next chapter..

2019-08-01: Day 30 - Daily Challenge #dailydoodlechallenge. That’s all folks

2019-07-31: They said it was summer! With a months worth of rain in a day!

2019-07-31: Day 29 - Daily Challenge #dailydoodlechallenge.

2019-07-30: Day 28 - Daily Challenge

2019-07-29: On this Micro Monday, I’d like to recommend John Kyle (@johnkyle), who is embarked on an epic …

2019-07-29: Day 27 - Daily Challenge #dailydoodlechallenge.

2019-07-28: Day 26 - Daily Challenge #dailydoodlechallenge.

2019-07-27: Day 25 - Daily Challenge #dailydoodlechallenge. I seem to have got my numbers mixed up, but normal …

2019-07-26: Day 23 - Daily Challenge #dailydoodlechallenge

2019-07-25: Day 22 - Daily Challenge #dailydoodlechallenge

2019-07-24: Day 3: Morning Walk

2019-07-24: Day 21 - Daily Challenge #dailydoodlechallenge

2019-07-23: Day 2: Morning Walk

2019-07-23: Day 20 - Daily Challenge #dailydoodlechallenge

2019-07-22: How can I not have heard of this! 😃

2019-07-22: Good news. The alarm went off and I heard it! I’ve started my daily walk, yay. More of this story …

2019-07-21: Doing the Daily As I have passed the halfway mark with my drawing challenge and this is the second time I have …

2019-07-21: Day 19 - Daily Challenge #dailydoodlechallenge

2019-07-20: Day 18 - Daily Challenge #dailydoodlechallenge

2019-07-19: Day 17 - Daily Challenge #dailydoodlechallenge

2019-07-18: Day 16 - Daily Challenge #dailydoodlechallenge

2019-07-17: Day 15 - Daily Challenge #dailydoodlechallenge

2019-07-17: Hot in the city!

2019-07-16: Day 14 - Daily Challenge #dailydoodlechallenge Half way..

2019-07-15: Day 14 - Daily Challenge #dailydoodlechallenge

2019-07-14: Day 13 - Daily Challenge #dailydoodlechallenge

2019-07-13: Day 12 - Daily Challenge #dailydoodlechallenge

2019-07-12: Day 11 - Daily Challenge #dailydoodlechallenge

2019-07-11: Day 10 - Daily Challenge #dailydoodlechallenge

2019-07-10: “This picture captured every single human being alive. Except the photographer Micheal Collins” …

2019-07-10: Day 9 - Daily Challenge #dailydoodlechallenge

2019-07-09: Day 8 - Daily Challenge #dailydoodlechallenge

2019-07-08: Day 7 - Daily Challenge #dailydoodlechallenge

2019-07-07: Day 6 - Daily Challenge #dailydoodlechallenge

2019-07-06: Day 5 - Daily Challenge #dailydoodlechallenge

2019-07-05: Day 4 - Daily Doodle Challenge. Might have entered a bit of a time warp..

2019-07-05: Day 3 Doodle. Not sure why I didn’t upload this yesterday, but might have been watching the film …

2019-07-03: Day 2 Doodle

2019-07-02: Day 1 doodle

2019-07-01: I’m trying out a 30 day challenge #30daydoodle. This is my first one, but I’ll be a day behind as I …

2019-06-29: One (dis)advantage of not being plugged into the social platform, I had to learn from a family …

2019-06-26: Away from home ground.

2019-06-23: Easy, like a Sunday morning..

2019-06-23: The old days, the old ways.

2019-06-22: I’m catching up on these..

2019-06-21: Special Edition: normal service will resume..

2019-06-20: #tbt. One of my very early efforts.. finger draw on an iPhone 4 I believe.

2019-06-20: Maybe I could have been more productive this afternoon but I thought doodling was more important 😀 …

2019-06-19: Whilst some old family friends were visiting we visited a new old friend, or something to that end. …

2019-06-18: Been a while.. but I thought I would try again.

2019-05-07: My back yard

2019-05-06: A day out to the deviation

2019-05-02: Been a while..


2019-04-19: It looked better irl as da kidz say 😃 so I put a transfer filter on it.


2019-04-18: A variation on sun through trees.

2019-04-17: It’s been running through my mind that I should take more pics like this as these types of farm are …

2019-04-15: After an idea sparked by @macgenie I couldn’t help myself.. probably should be doing more important …


2019-04-14: S1E1 Volunteering Diaries.


2019-04-13: Here is a snap of “our” primroses which are near a river and are in full swing at the moment @smokey

2019-04-11: Having watched The Sky At Night last night I was shocked to see that there was some sky to see at …

2019-04-10: I thought I might kinda start mapping out a journey.. the journey.

2019-04-09: I might be a bit too excited about the new video option here and have been out today filming all …

2019-04-09: Just listened to @mikehendley on micromonday podcast and you should definitely do you own I would …

2019-04-09: My initial test of uploading video and a micro-slice of volunteering down on the cut. We’ll see if …


2019-04-05: I’m interested in the new video option, but I’m not sure what video settings would be best? I have a …


2019-04-03: A slight dusting here.


2019-03-29: Meanwhile on a rather hot day I was mainly burning things..

2019-03-28: It should be made law that if a PM is ousted a general election has to take place.




2019-02-24: It would seem after a glitch with my bank and a bit of incompetence on my part I’m now in charge of …

2019-02-24: Taken yesterday but today’s the same! 😀

2019-02-24: Double Trouble One of life’s mysteries and aggravations is why for the love of … can’t Apple combine my two …

2019-02-22: Locking coggy boat through at end of the day.

2019-02-22: Hacking back the willow.

2019-02-21: ThrowbackThursday: When I first started doing my doodles they looked like this! It was all drawn by …

2019-02-21: It’s a fascinating history, and the Victorians certainly thought big.. there’s been a really …


2019-02-19: Just for the record.. I might achieve some of this in 2019

2019-02-19: I meant to upload this version instead of the cropped one..

2019-02-19: I thought I would add a face to the name, though normally I retain my international man of mystery

2019-02-18: Shortly before the skies opened.


2019-02-16: Not quite ships in the night!


2019-02-15: If only I had got out 10 mins earlier!

2019-02-11: That’s when I realised I was pressing the ALT key on the wrong keyboard. Note to self don’t have two …



2019-02-04: I couldn’t help it.. not often you get the chance to say the you were at Loggerheads 😁


2019-01-31: Just before it was enveloped by the freezing fog..







2019-01-23: Enough? I guess this is my first proper post on apart from my doodling so I decided to have a go …


2019-01-20: Well the experiment didn’t work as I missed the drawing so normal service is being resumed.

2019-01-20: Now there’s something I could get behind..


2019-01-16: I’m shocked that my iPhone actually took this picture and that I can see some stars in it even with …

2019-01-16: In this day and age of push buttons this warms the heart

2019-01-16: **Year of Change** I have just passed the one month mark of being here on M.b, yes I know I’m a Jonny come lately.. and …


2019-01-13: Missed a day but have adapted to this..






2019-01-06: Might have fumbled this..



2019-01-04: An alternative view of my favourite place.


2019-01-02: A rather nice late addition to presents list.

2019-01-02: Another day another doodle..

2019-01-01: Just come across this podcast. Learning from listening

2019-01-01: Happy new year m.b

2019-01-01: Well it was a bit of a blast from the past staying up to watch Madness is it really 40 years since …

2018-12-31: With the year almost at an end I’ll start off tomorrow with yesterday.. which kind of reminds me of …

2018-12-31: Looking ahead to 2019 Like many people on the internet my thoughts turn to the next year and what I would like to …

2018-12-31: As I couldn’t add this on your post @diplomaticdiva I’ll leave it here and say they grown up into …

2018-12-30: An experiment In imagery I am in the process of preparing a post for my plans for 2019 but before I get that to the finishing …





2018-12-28: I’m a bit of a sucker for quirky buildings and I sometimes recreating would be an interesting …


2018-12-26: Drawing a line With the big day starting to recede into the distance thoughts turn to the new year and …

2018-12-25: Well……. after watching that great Christmas movie Die Hard, nibbling on one of my many …


2018-12-25: Christmas Eve

2018-12-24: I thought I would get this in early before the vino flows. Happy holidays to all here. 👉👑🎂🍷🍷🇬🇧🌲🌲

2018-12-24: I’ve lost track of how many days I’ve been doing this certainly all of the trial period. But it …


2018-12-23: I know I wouldn’t enjoy the desert but this is a pretty amazing living space

2018-12-23: Well I’ve committed to M.b and will forsake all others, well I’d pretty much done that already and …

2018-12-22: It gets better from here on in!

2018-12-22: Think this name fits better…

2018-12-21: Day10: trying to speed myself up.


2018-12-20: So begins the mad dash before Christmas. I’ll be happy to get to bed tonight.

2018-12-19: I’ve been going back to my early days doodles and I’m surprised. They are a lot more simplistic and …

2018-12-18: Day7: Volunteer Christmas lunch

2018-12-18: Waiting..

2018-12-18: I am at a bit of a cross roads with my blogosphere. I have been using my. avatar or nom de plume for …

2018-12-17: Says it all

2018-12-17: I suffered for my art 😆 but got it in..

2018-12-16: One of my distractions in life, small space living and just find a load of inspiration from this …

2018-12-16:… Just caught this and some chimes of my experience.

2018-12-14: Day3. Not sure about marking days but then it may help consistency.

2018-12-13: Doodle diary; I attempting to focus myself again via a (daily?) pictorial diary on my iPad. I had …

2018-12-13: I’m not 100% sure how I’m meant to use m.b but it feels like where I’ll feel most at home..

2018-12-13: My first post and journey into m.b